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About Us

Zhongshan City, Hong Bang Electric Co., the predecessor of Zhongshan City, Chun's lamp factory Established in 1995, is the larger, and is the earliest by the lamp holder VDE, ENEC, IMQ quality certification system of enterprises. By pipeline operations. Our annual output of ninety million lamp, exports accounted for more than 40% of total output. Mainly exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asian countries, quality and visibility can be comparable with foreign brands. All products comply with EU ROHS directives and obtain a certificate. 

Main production: European regulations E14, E27 series lamp, the US regulations E12, E26 series lamp SAA B15, B22 series lamp.
Lamp above specific categories:
Shape: the whole tooth, half teeth, light body;
Materials: bakelite and plastic;
Color: black, white, gold, etc;
End cap types: snap type, self-locking;
Other: metal stent, switches, outer, special end caps for customers to choose;
We have passed certification: VDE, ENEC, SAA, CE, RoHS.

Since the construction of the company actively implement total quality management, and is committed to the implementation of "quality technology from the slogan" vigorously invest in technology research and development. Lamp produced stable quality, affordable, welcome domestic and foreign customers throughout the negotiations. I hope more businessmen visit the guide, go hand in hand for a better future!

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Address: Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China Kwong Fuk Road
Phone: 0760-22212101 22212102
Contact: Mr. Li / Horse Health
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